I have worked with meditations for decades

My drums and spirit guides are always with me, us...

Meditation is an important part of my life. I meditate every day, have done for  more than 30 years.  

I will tell you more, 

meanwhile, you get a guided meditation to try out..............

"healing and strengthening the core" (16 min)

Be silent, and you can hear, feel the now.

I love to just sit. Still and silent.

Sit in silence at my own litte holy place.

Often I bring my zafu with me and sit in nature for a meditation,

or at a fireplace. these are the big holy places, so to speak.

Sometimes the drum comes along. 

The Here and The Now decide.

zen meditation

nature spiritual meditation

shamanistic inner journeys

are all part of my daily life practice , and a center in my meditation teaching. 

Three different ways to reach the inner wisdom, get  insights.

Ways to find: calmness, peace with you and your life,  inner love and compassion

Ways to connect with nature and the spirit world. - to expand consciousness .

These are powerfull tools for inner healing, for reaching the feeling of oneness and belonging

more to come, I have more to tell ..............