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Old wisdom close to my heart, together with Buddhism and shamanistic traditions.
TAO, dao means the way, how unfold life. Maintain a healthy thriving  natural world.          It is a guide for inner health and a deeper connection to your natural consciousness, the gateway to all wisdom. Living  Yin and Yang. 

Why is TAO more relevant now than ever? 

Tao te ching are 81 genius poems for understanding your own life, as well as how to  understand and perform regenerative leadership. 

 It is a guideline of peacefull living, within the deepest essence in us, nature. 

Here Lao Zu translated nature wisdom and logic into a tool we can relate to and understand with our heart,          because it resonate with our ansetrial knowledge, hidden deep in our cells, bones and marrow.      

TAO opens a inner re-connection to outside nature, gives a deep understanding how to act so that we maintain peacefull equal coexistence with all living.

At the same time is is really deep philosophical. Some poems you have to sit with, to get into. give us a reminder of something precious we have, but we seems to rush away from,  time.....

I hope you will give yourself time to dive into some of these poems, feel the deep wisdom within.

The universe of TAO TE CHING, the deep  nature wisdom

81 poems known as Tao te ching, written by Lao zu about 2500 years ago to teach warlords live in peace, and help a depleted population. 

This was a time where poets an their poetry were just as important as politicians, when it comes to having influence on the warlords. 

I can understand that, poetry is an amazing simple, yet direct way of describing  the essence of how to gain complex problems. Perhaps because it is our whole sensing system that "listen" to and understand poetry. It is no only our cortex part of the brain. ( as is the main decision maker today)

The Tao is one of the most genius books written for management lead by nature.  

The poems describe our inner true nature, and how the master (leader and you personal) should act and think for the common good. Making the business society and the people flourish. It is said in a profound deep way you have to sense in, not just read fast and furious.

There are hundreds who have translated the Tao te ching 

The one you get to know here, is done by Stephen Mitchell. One of my favorits.

When it comes to reading the poems, it is not just to hurry reading. Take a second, breath, let your thoughts pause then read and absorb one poem at a time, what does it say to you? 

A small brilliant book, that give us a comment on every poem, how to adapt the thoughts in  leadership.

It is written in 1986, but the comments are everlasting. 

I will leave the comment beside it's poem