I am planning for 2023 these days, so please , drop by from time to time....

Nature spiritual workshops 

working with shamanistic tools, nature spirits and old wisdom

Q&A og meditation

It is your questions and sharing that set the content.  I just answer  comment and share my stories

This is for passing on all my experience and knowledge to you. 

At the end we will do a guided meditation, lead by my drumming.  The guiding will rise from  what have showed up  this session

Info is comming ......

Designing life 

Workshops for

-Re-opening the connection with nature  laws, values and logic. The wisdom of evolution within.

-training meditation, mindfulness, silence, 

Be a part of the change needed inn the world. 

-selfdevelopment courses with focus om connecting and rediscovering nature within.

- workshops for regenerative and natural leadership

Jin shin jyutsu classes only in Norweigan.

for english speaking classes please visit