spiritual guidance session

via zoom in English and Norweigan

The session can include a guided drum meditation for healing.

What is this?   A deep talk , about  questions like.

 "how do i open my inner blockage? I need to grow spiritually.  Someting is stopping me? I have life-questions I cannot sort out. I do not see my potential? .... etc"     This is not therapy, it is honestly mirroring your inner


 because If you realy want to release these questions and move on into flourishing,  you have to dive deep in your inner universe, your spirituality,  your wounds, your "behind the curtain" history.  It is a good idea to dive into this together with me because I have worked with these spiritual issues for decades, both with others an myself. I know the way inn.

This session is  conversation based on your questions about you, your life, your energetic system, your spiritual life, what is stopping you, what you feel you want to explore.

It can be about how to handle your everyday life, how to develop as a leader, at work, or problems with friends or family.  -Or problems with you.... all looked at from an inner perspective. How can you change yourself. How can you infuence the world around you

I "see" the inner you, your soul, when we talk. The uncouncious you tells me the real story as you speak

It tells where in your energy field the problem is.  I will give you advice and challenges,

This might sound a bit elusive or exptatiate-  but all though the themes can be intangible, you get quite a direct  advice and guidance . I am a grounded direct person, and love to illustrate my points by using examples from nature logic. I want to  make parapsycological things less mystical. Give it meaning and place it in a context.

Spiritual councelling and guidance is a result of many years of work with methods like Rosen method, with channeling, courses, workshops, nature spirituality, shamanism, healing, meditation, guiding, past life therapy, etc.. I get my spiritual training from the soul of old masters. 

At the same time I've got a past in management of production, and sence in how leaders and leadership can develop. I have had my part of challenges in life, and have developed a way to counsel that is respectful, compassioned and honest.

Last but not least, my work is a result of a deep contact with nature and nature spirituality. Nature is for me the greatest master with 3.8 billion years of experience how to create life for the common good. To listen is to learn, that is a nature way

How we do it

A session last for 60 - 75 minutes, price:   150 $    (paypal)        

Send me an email for booking a session        

Zoom: Working with zoom is not new to me , BUT to my big surprise, I discovered that zoom is jsut as good as a live session, when it comes to me sensing and passing on guidance. This gives me a freedom when it comes to working long distance . Now I work with clients in Norway and in other countries, specially USA

For now, i only give a few hands-on councellings

For an appointment, please contact me by   mail  

This is some of my backdrop

our soul and spirit are one with nature

It can easily get too comprehensive, describing spiritual work, But one thing I realy need to point out is that nature is the most important guide and master, showing us how to live our lifes, the way it was ment to be.

Nature logic and te laws of evolution lives deep inside us. When they find their way up to a place in you where you can here them, you will get the feeling of knowing. feeling of beeing more autentic, clean, peacefull, wise, good. It is as returning home, where everything is familiar and understandable, logic.

I have a deep longing to help  us people return back and be a part of nature again. To respect and cooperate with the rest of  nature. I belive here is our happines to be found.  Happines do not come from how much we own, how good we perform, how we can be winners, and how we can conquer and rule over nature,- and each other

outdoor drumming
outdoor drumming

I belive our spirituality, our inner nature, and the ability to work with imagination and creativity is just as important as thoughts and feelings.

It is time all aspects gets its place and attention.. Let all have their part in our life.

It seems as if here we have some almost owergrown keys

Send me an email for booking a session                                   price : 105 $    You can pay by paypal