Dorthe Leth

life-counseling and guidance, workshops, meditation

 For you who 

search change and growth 

with nature as the master


 Guiding, facilitating  workshops, Q&A , 1-1 guided drum meditation,- also via zoom

These days lots of exiting things happening

 on the "regenerative grassroot " which I am a part of these days.

At the same time I keep working on building workshops, speaks and information in my Designing Life project

Time will tell how this turns up.

walk my talk - is always important to me.

challenge these days

learning natural resting, and letting my exitment unfold in a lower speed. 

I Believe
- the only way out is in -

If you want to make a change in life, you have to start from within. Like the seed who grows from the inside and out.

Now,  I really want to walk my talk, being the change.

Therefor, I started the serious change within myself and my life 2020.  

I did /do a lot of research on my own 

Desember 2022 I finished a year long exiting journey at the Regenerators.Academy  

Sommer 2022: 9 month study at the marvelous InnerMBA, a study created by Soundstrue, LinkedIn and Wisdom 2.0

2022 I stopped working with 1-1 clients on bench, to concentrate on other areas.


foto: Anita Grøsland  drumming at Ren Yoga , Hokksund
foto: Anita Grøsland drumming at Ren Yoga , Hokksund

I have my own clinic for nearly 25 years, and have helped thousands.  

I have a deep connection to nature, the universe and the spirit world,    


I am a rosentherapist, healer, jin shin jyutsu teacher, massage therapist,  life-facilitator, teacher, channel, heart person, buddhist and shaman.

But most of all I am there for you, your inner soul, energy and body.

I am passioned about making people rediscover their inner contact with nature and the logic of nature.

 For me, this is the key to get a better life, to a compassion understanding of oneself and others. A way to discover ones potential and to flourish. It is a way to open up to your power, joy, presence, trust and love.

We are all a member of the family called nature. 

But as humans, we have separated us, and constructed our own set of unnatural rules which we live by. If we want to save the world as we know it, save our selvs and  fellow living beings, we need to return back and unite with our home, nature.

Designing life,

is an exiting new project I am working on now.

Workshops, webinar,  supervising, talks.....

making a change into an organic, natural way of inner life and leadership.

For now, the website is still only in Norwegian, but Google translate can help you there....

If you want a glance: Designing life

Spiritual life-counselling and guidance

It will be based on your questions. It is an counselling energetic and spiritual level. I see and feel the energy and the circumstances around when you speak. I see in which condition your energies are. I will give you advice and "challenges" from what I sense and what comes to me by chaneling

This work has come to place after many years of experience, working with roen method, channeling, giving classes and spiritual counselling, and living a life with challenges. I have developed my capability to see and guide with respect, kindness compassion and honesty.

My work is also a result of my deep connection with nature and nature spirituality

 zoom has given us new opportunities to be in contact.

Spiritual talks in the tipi
Spiritual talks in the tipi


I will guide you through a healing journey.  We will have different journeys , an arrangement can last for some hours ( 2 - 6) or a weekend

I will use my shaman drum, Nepalese shaman bells, singing bowl etc....

meditation is inner health
meditation is inner health

Nature spiritual workshop

We will pick one theme that runs through the workshop.

During this day, we will work with meditation, inner journey, drumming, ceremonies and conversations. You are active participant in your own process, not just a spectator in ceremoniels. We create items, work in nature and with  your spiritual awareness

we use the tipi for ceremonies and drumming
we use the tipi for ceremonies and drumming

At this time, I am engaged in two volunteer projects. Both focused on inner health.

Wakemeup Norway

The center is coaching youth for free . The tool is an app to get in touch with professional coaches, 7 languages    Check it out Wakemeup 

IDG hub

The there was a hub meeting in the organisation  Inner development goals  

A great worldwide initiative, sourced from FN Sustainable Development Goals, SDG

Arranged by  Awake AS, Oslo

"You cannot solve a problem with the same thought that made it"    Einstein

It is us, humans, who destroy nature and environment with our way of thinking acting, and our idea of ownership of the land and nature 

Are we going to solve the problems can we not do " business as usual" acting as superior colonialists.

We need to ask , listen and learn from the master , not with 500 years, but with 3.8 billion years of experience. Nature.

Just stop, open your senses, and let the inner you be the guide in learning a new (old) way.

Jin shin jyutsu

This simple powerfull method for healing and self-healing, is origin from Japan, has been in Norway for 15 years. We have had  workshops webinars self-help classes, zoom Q&A  and 1-1 consultations.

it has been s success, where many people uses the method on a daily basis.

You are gently holding your hands on shown places. the energy will flow between in your body, opening and balancing the energy system.

we say we jumpercable, or give flows.

some examples om the pictures:

Do you have some stomach pain, are you very tense in your jaws, hard to let things go, pain in solar plexus? hold as shown on the picture at the right for 5 - 15 minutes, then the energy flow will open and find back to a relaxed balance.

jin shin jyutsu flows
jin shin jyutsu flows

My  therapy and body work

-  this has for the last 25 years been the core in my work.

I see myself as "rosentherapist by heart" .  This unique way  to meet body and soul will stay with me for ever. My work has been complemented  with other  great methods during the years,such as cranio-sacral, past life session.

I am a healer and spiritual seer.

 This has resulted in I have developed my own personal approach. , as everyone else, working with therapy for many years

 My clients tell me I have a special ability to uncover , to see, point out,  tell, ask, - to be spot on. That I have an ability to turn things upside  down , respectfully. Help you see things from new angles. Make space for you and your prosess.

I bring in my spirituality and clairvoyance.  I see and hear  the deepest hidden you.

I do not get scared, no matter what story comes up into the open  

When you come to me, it is often when life is painful, or you have failed to get the help you seek.    I am not interested in showing of, I want to help you get your own contact with the inner force, truth, strength. I want to help you redeem, grow and flourish.

I have moved away from 1-1 treatments in person, but still,  I hope you will get to know me better by reading about this side of my story.

Please reach out for more information or to make an appointment

+47 97515019

I would love to join at your place and do a drum meditation, workshop, or a speak, 

please contact me, and we will sort something out