Nature -spiritual workshop

Nature is the most important teacher we have, with the deepest wisdom and  a genious simplicity in its diversity.

Nature stil has the living spirituality we have rejected in us. A deep sense of presence, total mindfulness and self-caretaking. Nature really shows us the meaning and importance of being interconnected

Nature is this wisdom. gentle whispering to uss though trees, stones, crystals, fur, bones, soil ,sand, water, air ,feathers, the living skin.

Your inne recognize the whispering of nature spirit when you work close to nature, when you allow yourself to listen and feel the power awaken in you.

We practice an ancient way of talking with nature. Indigenous al over the world know this. That means those places we haven't destroyed it in the "holy" name of civilization

We really need to reconnect to this humble contact to a wisdom that is bilions of years old. We need to learn of the nature logic if we shall manage to change  our values and way of living.

If we listen to nature intelligens as the main voice, combine it with the knowledge and sience of today, I believe we can find ways

If we shall succeed making this change, we seriously need to awaken the nature spiritual essence  in us. our interconnection with the rest of nature.  Where joy, belonging, calmness, trust, compassion love, are living.

That is what I hope to do with these workshops, where we connect with our nature soul by creating spiritual tools, together with nature.

How do we work?

In a workshop we will dive into a specific nature spiritual theme. A shamanistic theme. A workshop lasts for one or two days.

A workshop will include guided meditation, drumming, ceremony. A speak and/or teaching

We will create talismans, sticks, etc..communicating with nature soul and power, listen to the messages through practical work. Other times we will dive into working with ancient shamanistic tools and holy items . Nature logic and spirituality are central.

We have space for conversations, individual recess and the flourishing of relationship. being a community.

The workshops takes place in nature, at the campfire or inside at the working table

The tipi with its fireplace is a favorite. 

Vi bruker naturen der vi er. 

You see deep enthusiasm making talismans in Gamlehuset 

 I will rworkshops with different themes.

Here are some examples

workshop with talismans


Talisman is a symbol or item for protection, happiness, strength, healing, or what else you need to code it for.

You can have the talisman in a chain around your neck, , in your pocket, beside your bed, in your car,- where ever you feel it is needed, 

You can create your own special talisman. We follow ild shamanistic traditions, using wood nursed lying on the ground, or in the water. wood contains the energy of the elements, creating a balance. Therefore it is excellent to also contain your energy, your coding. 

Talismans are created through ceremonies, and you can decorate it the way you feel. Listen to  your intuition how to create, and the power and energy will increase

This is a strong deep spiritual prosess

A talisman will follow the rules of nature, that means you get what is needed for you to be safe, protected, to flourish and trive. That is not always what you will think is best in the first place.

lan exiting work

workshop with knifes

Shaman knifes

It is something very special to work with shaman knifes. They are for cutting, yes, but....

It is a wonderful healingtool , a tool for creating flow of balance, keep in touch with spirits, and it will cannel energy.

It can tell you how your masculine and feminine power are balanced in you

You can talk to mother earth by drawing in the soil wit your knife.

- with the old shaman knifes, you get in touch with the one who owned it. This shaman can guide you. The knife becomes a friend. It will change in energy when it is at work.

This is an exiting word to dive into Getting to use your own knife! I am lucky to have borrowed som old shaman knifes from a good friend in Nepal. I tell more about him at the bottom of the side.

The knifes have been owned and used by shamans in Nepal. These are items and a culture that almost are getting  lost. Luckily my friend Paul who lives in Katmandu,  is trusted and get to by items not longer in use, instead of just let them and the wisdom perish. (read more about him at the end of this page)   In this way some of these wonderful items and the spiritual wisdom are preserved.                                                                        Being part of these workshops, you have a chance to by one yourself, after learning how to work with it.

You can use other knifes as well, perhaps you have one who is special for you. On the workshop you learn how to use it in a shamanistic way

workshop med shaman - bellchains from Nepal

Bell chains

Almost everyone has heard about sound healing in some way. Singing bowls, shamandrums or music.

These bellchains have a very special sound and purpose.

They are old, handmade, and every shaman have made his own, with different symbolic bells, other symbols and items that together creates a unite, a bellchain. The shaman bare his chain when doing ceremonies , moving and dancing. Then these bellchains has the power to cleanse , protect and heal. You will get a very special feeling by the vibrations that comes, holding and shaking it. Also there is a special power coming through, when the healer uses it, healing you. It is a deep energetic touch that happens.

It can be used on both people animals, places, nature, events .

Paul in Katmandu, Nepal has lent me several bellchains, so we are able to have a workshop where everyone can try one of these unique tools.

This is going to be great !.

Other types of bells

There is a whole univers to explore, using shaman bells of all sorts. Really exiting to work with!

I will talk about this  at a later time. You can try out on the workshop here.

Burpha sticks

Burpha sticks

Stavs and sticks in all sizes are important tools for Shamans on every continent. They are a connection to all worlds, and a tool for working with good and evil.

These Nepalese sticks are called Burpa. They are short, and you hold it in your hand. They are experts in chanellling energi out of the body. cleansing. They are decorated with a mix of powerful symbolism from nature, shamanism, Buddhism and Hinduism . Often they are decorated with a band of textile who belongs to the shaman

The one getting healing are holding the Burpha  between the hands while the shaman works. The the Burpha  works as a magnetic channel, leading bad energy out of the body , down in Mother Earth to be transformed.

A shaman can have many different burpas. Sometimes the shaman have one/several in the hands while dancing or doing a ceremony

That energy is contained in these old burphas we got her ! That is powerfull tools to work with ! 

Mine I use in everyday life when I need to get energized, calm , cheered up, or pull myself together. I will have my stick with me or I will meditate with it. It is such a strong way to balance emotions.

Here also, the shaman who owned it will often get in touch and offer advice or guiding.

You will learn these tecnichs in the workshop. 

Some workhops we will also learn to make our own, with a stick picked up from the ground, mot  cut from a tree

Black bean Mala

Black bean mala

You use these types of malas as protection in ceremony, seance, or healing.

It is also a wonderful healingtool

Mala workshops is mostly for you working as a healer or shaman.

Here also I have borrowed several from Paul, so you can try it out. 

Sooo powerful when we are a group, each of us wearing one or more! We create a really  special energy field.

Other types of malas

There are several types of malas,  who are realy powerful tools for working with spirits, spiritual healing, beep nature connection.  This is special, so that will not be part of my teachings at the start.

In the picture you see an old nepalis mala with many symbolic holy items as,bells, animal teeth, claws, horns, bullets, symbolic knife, turtal figures. All with special meaning, and placed in a specific order.  

Realy an adventure to work with this, and the shaman who owned it.

Man kan også bygge sin egen mala. Gjør du det på den rette måte, dvs med rett intensjon fokus, seremoni og innvielse, kan også den bli et helt nydelig personlig redskap

You can also build your own mala, if it is done in the right way with intentions ceremony and initiation, it can become a lovely personal tool .

That is also something we will come back to later on

All of these wonderful and unique tools I have borrowed from Paul are for sale. Not for everybody to by, but you who will use it with respect for the tradition and the shaman who has owned it.

Paul Wilkinson

My good friend and mentor is english, and  lives in Katmandu, Nepal.

Paul is a shaman, artist, filmmaker, filantrop, collector, art dealer. He has a deep and sincerely contact with shamans several places in Nepal and the Himalayan area. He is working on a documentary series on shamanism, the rituals and ceremonies in Nepal. He has this inner drive wanting to document all of this ancient  wisdom before it gets lost. At the same time he does a lot of charity work supporting local children.

He has a tremendous collection of all kind of items, shamanistic and old cultural holy things. Both a collection of his own, and one where the items are for sale.

Paul has been living in Katmandu for 7  years. He has a unique visdom and knowledge, a consequence of a genuinely curiosity. He is really a wonderful person who generously share all he knows. I benefit a lot from that , and am forever grateful.

If you have some special interrests in the nepalis shamanism and want to work with some other things than what I have here,  just get in touch with Paul, he can help. (ask me for contact information)