therapy an treatments.

How I work

my 25 years of experience as a professional therapist creates a solid and unique mix.                                                           With this we will create a individual session, build on your reason for coming to see me. Every session will turn out  different, I have no pre intention. 3 things lead us

- Why you are here

-how are you

-What does the unconscious tells us, when you are on the bench, and the inner you gets a free speak.

the deep  inner always know, and is so glad to tell when it gets a chance. The session is a living ting, creating itself along the way in a combination of healing, guiding,conversation and the physical therapy/treatment. The spiritual guidance are with when needed.

You become more conscious, change your way of thinking, release blocked and hidden emotions and difficulties. My goal is for you to find the way to move on in in your life. The treatment is deep and direct. Sometimes it can be hard to let go. You must be ready for it.

Every meeting we have is unique, and stand for itself. That means they can turn out very different, and often surprising, we never know exact what is " in the move" in the unconscious. Always, when we  listen to that and to your body, it will tell and show us  the deep truth.

My tools


The body remember what you want to forget

If you get antidepressant medication or is under psychiatric treatment Rosenmethod can be too heavy. Depends on your condition. Rosenmethod is a supplement, not a replacement for other  medically treatment, but   it can change/reduce  what you need.

If in doubt, ask your doctor and me

-When everything is too much and you avoid yourself

-You experience stress, tensions, anxiety or depression.

- undefined pain.

- Life is hard, you avoid parts of it. Old things rip you apart.

Through life, from early childhood, we repress and hide away feelings,  incidents and trauma,  in the invisible "filling cabinet"- the mind act as if is forgotten.

BUT the body do remember what you want to forget! That shows out in both physical emotional and psychological problems and pain.

Rosenmethod encourage the body to draw out boxes from the  Filling cabinet. Get things out in the open light, and they will melt. 

Rosenmethod is also perfect as a tool for self empowerment and relaxation

The treatment

Rosenmethod is physical. It last for about 1 hour. You are lying on a bench. I work with my hands on your body.. This is not massage, but a gentle way to meet the tension in the muscles. As therapist I am total present in the moment and the meeting. Your muscles will "talk out loud" what they are carrying and hiding. You will experience memories and emotions will rise in you, get to visible at the surface - and release. You will gain calmness and freedom. When the old blockages are released, things in your life will look different. It can be really tough and emotional, but at the same time give you a big release, make you feel relaxed and your mind clarified.

Cranio cacral method

Stiff neck. Back pain. pelvis blocked. whiplash. Late injuries. Something in your body feels tied up.

We all have this liquid around our brain and spinal cord Cerebrospinal fluid

It is constant replaced, and moves in a slow pulsation which propagate out in the entire body, following the rhythm of the pulse.  This movement transport things like hormones, neuro-information, and it cleanses.  This helps the entire body keep ut its  biochemical balance

The pulse goes like a relay through the bones in your head, spine, pelvis- further on through the rest of your body

Now this soft movement can be blocked, stopped.

Exampel:  you hit your head and get an concussion ( your scull gets a hard time!)

congestions will vanish, but the bones will remain in a kind of freezed state of chock. You will experience that as  pressure , pain, limitet  motion, pressure on nerves... A lot of different symptomes

Cranio sacral will release this freezen chock, and help the bones fin back to its origin natural pulsation

Why is this treatment so effective?

All cells are intelligent. They aim one thing: Making the body work as effortless as balanced as possible under the circumstances.

When a cell is out of balance, the neighbor mimics, that s the easiest most effortless. this creates a "new normal" that is not appropriate for you. The consequences can be serious, with tensions and blockages , etc.

The cells take the easy way out. That is not always the one with less pain !

with Cranio sacral we mirror the cell in the bone, showing the origin, and more helthy, convenient cay of connecting. when the energy comes from the mirroring hands, they unwind, discover the origin easiest and most flexible way. L

Like when you are visiting 100 miles from home. It is too far to walk, so you do your best, when staying there. If you get a ride home, that is to prefer

The treatment

It is physical and gentle This is a method you also can give to children and animals.

You lie on a bench, I put my hands on, to mirror the bones that need to unwind. There is no manipulation, only sending energy by mirroring, for the bone to release in their own way. You will feel it relaxing. 


From early times man has used hands as a tool for healing. The body and mind has been used as a channel for energy from mother earth and the universal power. We have used rituals, symbols talismans, nature.

When receiving healing, you will become more whole, connect with yourself. get energized, feel balance and be calm. The healing is hands-on on the bench or as healing in distance.

My way of working with healing

I am a channel, a connection between you and universal and natural energy. when I  lay my hands on you, My energy and yours "are having a chat, your energy shows and tells what are needed., we wil open for the needed to get channeled down  an into you.

Tools can show up, in form of energies, symbols, nature elements., spirirts.

Nature is a very good and wise partner , showing me the way. healing is not a religious act

Spirit channeling

Sometimes you need kontakt with spirits at the other side.

When the universe and spirit world has a message or some guiding to you,they will be send to you in words or pictures, - transmitted via me or spirit helpers.  Sometimes ancestors or guides will  appear to be with you as helpers for you to connect  and sense when needed in daily life.

Healing from distance

Almost all methods can be done from a distance, without direct contact with the body.

How? I will try to explain.....

As I see it, the answer is in the intelligence of the cells, we can call it our matrix.

Everything are interconnected, that means every cell are in contact with all cells in the body at the same time. Like notes and instruments creating he song of life.  The tone is a vibration going through everything


Now, when we grow, the cells are moving apart  BUT they keep in touch. They never loos the energetic contact because of the energy passing through, the tone.  cells can keep in touch, adjust after each other no matter the distance. cells communicate and are interconnected. At the same time, the collection of cells creating a person is unike, makes it own energyfield, that also can be felt, - by listening , sensing in to the unik tone of this combination, this person

This is what we use in distance healing. You can say a tone from me meets the tone in the body needing healing. This meating creates a new tone, that heals what ever the person have asked help for.

Like the magis when you want to talk to a specific person in another country, you just send out a specific combination of numbers, and a total wireless connection comes fort, talking, even seing this person. (a telephone call)

Para psychological guidance

Para psychological  themes . This is often hard to experience, and to talk about.

Do you have any super natural experiences?

Are you feeling way too sensitive?

Do you have a lot of unanswered spiritual questions? questions about helpers? the spirit world? Deep existential questions? 

These things can be hard to understand and to cope with. Specially if you are alone with your abilities. Many do not dare tell   anyone what they experience. They are afraid no one will believe. it is very hard for kids, having these extra open senses


 Involuntary visions

When you dream very lively about things happening befor you were born,or incidents not yet happened.

When you suddenly see a scene play out , that actually are not real life, here and now, or see people dead long time ago ( can be ghosts)

when you sense  energy around you so strongly it feels very uncomfortable

" Visiter inside"

Some can have a feeling of not living alone in their body. 

This is quite tabu. Mostly because we have been thoroughly scared of by lots of absurdly movies and stories. This phenomenon is mostly a ghost taking a seet in the body


When you vistit new places and you got the feeling you know them , recognize , As if you just know.

Perhaps you get a very od feeling , just coming out of nowhere.

Past life session

You have feelings or blockages you do not understand, but they stop you in living, unfolding the life you want. Perhaps you have done a lot of self-empowerment , but some answers and reliefs never show up.

Then if can be an issue you have to look for in past lives. Perhaps you need to dive into past lives to find answers. Dive into the unsolved mysteries you carry with you through time


What do I mean by past lives ? 

we are a soul with a body to live in, exploring life, not the other way around.

That means when we die, It is our physical body, with our human feelings, way of action and responding that goes back to the soil of Mother Earth. The soul, spirit, goes back and unite with the big wholeness, the spirit world., continuing the travel 

That also means that the soul has been here before

I belive that our soul is connected with everything else, being a part of  the big oneness, TAO

That is why we have access to all wisdom. In a past Life Session our inner soul and unconsciousness chooses to go to a space where there are some information useful for our present situation .That might be "the big library", past lives, our ancestors , or the deepest unconscious memory. 

Our inner knowledge shows us the causes, helps see the running theme making the blockages ,-and release it.

Beyond beyond beyond...

How to do this travel?

You are lying on the bench, My hands are in contact with your body the whole session, so you aer never "on your own". They are supporters and helt during the journey.

Our  starting point is the problem or the pain your  are struggling  with. As a start, we build a contact with a helper, that might be a spirit guide, or a representant from your higher self. Ve let us guide through your inner, back to where the problems are based, the origin place where it started.

Then we let your inner show what you need to se from past lives to better understand what is happening in this life.

 Now we can travel into the scene , working in solving and releasing the incident, changing the inner memory of what had happened back then. Inn your inner, all memories are stored as pictures. These pictures  is our inner truth. When we change the pictures, we will heal these old memory making problems. 

Healing that memory in different ways is the essence of Karma work

Space clearing

Sometimes  the spirit world and old energis from things that had happened kan make turmoil and uneasiness in a house. Both people and animals can be affected. 

Yes, you can call it ghosts. 

It is possible to do something about this. Help spirits who are hanging on, release and go to the other side. You can also release "leftovers" from old time feelings, events and bad atmosphere,

To make this clearing it is the best to be on location. If the incident "is not that bad" It can be done by distance healing. On location I will work for  2 - 3 hours.

Sometimes, I have to work on a house mor than one time. That depends.

Often , the "visitors" have something specific they want to tell, as things that has to be fixed in the house, or problems between the current residents

This often turns out to be very useful.

People can need clearing in the same way as houses. Do not let yourself be scared. It is  very seldom spirits takes a stay in people. Remember that!


A session 60-75 minutes     950 kr   105 $

dobbel or past life session 120 minutes    1600 kr

Space clearing: Depends on how far I have to travel to get there, and the extent 

Normally for a house/apartment  3000 kr.  If you are low in finances, we will find a discount.

Distance healing and counselling on phone/zoom  (ca 60 min)   950 kr / 105 $