About me

Fakta:  born 1962 in Denmark .  in the zodiac of lion. I moved to Norway in 1987, have two grown up kids. Live together with my lovely partner and a cat.

I think holistic. Body, mind, soul, spirit, emotions, The I. 

Everything is interconnected at the same time as everything is unique

What I believe in

I am spiritual but not religious. I believe that racism is ignorance despite who hates who. I believe humans are fundamentally good BUT fear has got into us and messed up. I do not believe in " be the best and the fastest" - instead "be cooperative compassioned - find harmony" 

I believe the old wisdom has come back to unite with the new, making something different and new to replace materialism as it is today.....

The laws of the universe and the nature are also in charge in us. The power of love is everywhere. TAO and zen  carry the truth. I could go on here, but just aske me if there is more you want to know...

Who is the person Dorthe?

It is hard do describe in few words, but I will try

I am a cormorant   

When  I have something i need to sort out, I do as the Cormorant. I need to go all the way down, finding the deepest truth and whole answer.

 just like her, diving deep down to catch the fish at the bottom, then sitt quietly, on my own,  with the wings spread to dry, digest, philisophize, for a long time. 

At the same time I am one who loves to speak out,  to share everything I know. Talking with arms and legs, and a twinkle in the eye, and not a perfect english

I am a pedagogue in my way tu present things, and love if I can make difficult themes understandable. My truth is not the one and only, but hopefully I can inspire you to consider and find your own.

I have an ability to  create a respectfull loving space for you to let the  most vulnerable and difficult  things come to the surface and be seen, listened to. Help you heale

.Spirituality has a central role in me and my everyday life. At the same time I am very grounded and socially engaged

As you can see on my "CV" I am wide ranging in experience and education , from spiritualism, shamanism to leadership and business.

It is quite interesting for me seeing these aspects in context when I guide or advice.

I feel at home in the words of zen buddhism. The same is to nature- and indigenous people. They tell the same story of life, just in some other words.

Also Tao the ching is near to my heart. The most geniours management book ever!  This 2500 years old poems, descripe how to live and govern in peace, how to get the best forth in everyone of us. It "translate" nature logic 

Change is the word for the last couple of years (2020- 2022). It has been hard and good. I almost burned out, when "the corona-regime" came and "saved" me. Made me think and make some choices . I decided that after 25 years of  hands on therapy, helping thousands, I had to " rest my case, and concentrate on workshops, meditations , and  new projects.

It has been a time for recovery, rest, nature, meditation, shamanism and study

I learned new tools virtual. It was a lot of fun making a jin shin jyutsu selfhelp class via zoom

Opening new doors re-opened old eyes. ( my organizing and leadership skills) I Educated at the InnerMBA and regenerator.academy

This gave me a lot of wonderful  friends and contacts all over the world

Relevant education

I have run my own business since 1999 

-At the start, I educated as Rosentherapist, masseur and reiki master.

- i am educated in Cranio chacral method 

-I am a teacher in Jin shin jyutsu (ancient healing, body art)

 -Body Talk practitioner.

 - multi-inkarnation  therapi. (past life therapy) 1 year

For many ears I have had spiritual training and teacing from my masters and shamans from "the other side"

I am a lifelong student, always curious. Often, my inquiry ends up      as self studium, in lack of relevant courses

- latest, I have finished Inner MBA at Sounds True.                               And am a part of regenerator.academy

- as every one else, I have seriously been taught by the school of life,  with a great deal of challenges.

-I have many years of experience with workshops, spiritual courses meditation classes, jin shin jyutsu classes

 the drums are with me a lot. The same is about the elements from nature. when I do healing, seremonies, cleaning drummeditation guiding councelling and chanelling .

The campfire is a natural workplace for me.

-lately the zenbuddhism has moved in, in me and my life. Sotozen. 

Before I started my career as therapist

-As very young, I worked as a leader and advisor in the textileindustry in Denmark. I had a specialized education in production tecnics and management  

Just to mention:  -aut. aerobic instructor educated by Norges idrettsforbund. I have been initiator for several projects. ex -establishing a parent governed  Barnas Hus in Kongsberg, -interdisciplinary project for unimployed , inspired by a danish project "Kaospilots"

in my garden. Meditation is a very important part of my life
in my garden. Meditation is a very important part of my life
Making a fire is a good way for me, getting back in my center
Making a fire is a good way for me, getting back in my center

My focus today

My inner journey have accelerated these last years. I am on my way back on stage, but with new tricks.

I do spiritual counselling and guiding on zoom, both in Norway and abroad. I give drum meditations, workshops, expand my regenerative work and writing.

The shamanism in me are thriving and flourishing. I learn and experience working with old shamanistic tools from Nepal. I have a great mentor, english shaman and artist living in Katmandu

I love working projects, so we will see what comes to me

Most important, all parts of me my life experiences and beliefs are growing together, weaving and creating something new

My philosophy

I believe we are apart of it all, and of nature. the universal laws and the laws of nature- meaning the way evolution logic has evolved - lives in us. It rules our emotions and impulses, but all thru life we learn to overrule them by man made . This what create this fundamental separation in us, in the "civilized" world.

The fundamental nature laws

Everything is interconnected. What makes nature to survive, thrive and flourish is the consciousness of WE             conceptions as: Abundance kindness, trust, diversity, adjustment, equally sharing, self-management, community. Together, these terms have created a web of self-maintaining eco-systems for life to unfold within. It shows up to be quite successful, Nature has survived and developed for  almost 3.8 billions years!

Now, this is words, terms that you are familiar with, but the deeper  meaning, hove to LIVE them is something we  do not bring into our way of living we follow totally different rules where ME is in focus : Be the best, biggest, first, most, fastest, wealthiest, - terms like this dominates and overrule natural laws in us. Not exactly successful  when it comes to thriving and  longterm resilience and sustainability.

For most nature and indigenous people this separation from nature logic has not happened. They easily follow natures nonrestrictive way, and in the same time manage preserve nature. No wonder we cast envious glances....              It is on time we learn to listen and learn. Not that we all need to be alike, but we need to bring their wisdom and way of thinking into our modern lifestile and repair our values and mindset.

We can create a world that is both tecnological, scientifical and  natural. But WE need to do the changing-job ! Slow down, consume less, change from large-scale to small-scale thinking IN ALL AREAS, from food-production to politics 

I realy want to communicate out these nature laws, laws created by evolution, not man.                       I will do everything within my power to help regain nature laws and bring them back on                and forward within ourselves and the world.

For the common good of mankind the rest of nature and our planet Earth.