VISION QUEST Awakening your inner Pilots 19. nov 2023

Nesodden 19 November at 11.30 - 17.00 

 is about opening up your tools and your deep contact with the wisdom of nature through nature sitting and meditation.

 You sit alone in nature for hours.

This time we gather for a powerful day by the sea and forest. 

The day: Mindful walk, meditation, shamanistic drum journey, open-hearted sharing - an 2 hour-long VISION QUEST, in silence in nature (you have the option to sit inside)

 You can participate even if you have no experience.

 Takes place in easy-to-understand English.

 Join us, this is going to bepowerful! More details here 

price: NOK 850 /scholarship limited NOK 500. send us an application.

 payment vipps 97515019. Write your email on the payment, this applies as registration.

kr 850.00