testing jin shin jyutsu with body talk 6. jan. 2024 1pm - 3 pm zoom

Saturday 6th of January 2024  1pm - 3 pm

As promised a loong time ago - course in the BODY TALK test.

For those of you who have attended a jin shin jyutsu course before, or knpw the method

We ask the body, with the hand on the body. A direct, simple, effective way to test which points / which flow you should use. An additional tool that can be used when you are uncertain - or to confirm yourself 

It looks like kinesiology but it's not.  You ask the body's inner wisdom by communicating with yes and no. 

It takes some practice. It is about you opening a connection, and trusting what you experience. With quiet patience, you can feel/hear your body's message to you. 

In the course you learn  an effective way to find out what your body is telling you to do.

. This is a simple way to test.

Price: NOK 250  vipps  to 97515019 note: "body talk" and your email address payment applies as registration. 

You will get more info, and a zoom link

 If you want to dive into really talking with the bodyenergy. I recommend you to join  a jin shin jyutsu 5 DAY COURSE, where you learn to read the 12 body pulses, and their various expressions. They tell everything. 

 Pulse reading is an ancient technique alike Chinese medicine pulse reading. So exciting!

kr 250.00