jin shin jyutsu zoom gathering 5. Febuay 2024

 at 6.30 pm - 8 pm CEST

 this course is in Norwegian

Each month we have a new theme to explore

 - we have also room to talk about other jsj things 

It is advisable to watch this video before joining for the first time https://youtu.be/-1pT-vFzjqs   you will find more jin shin jyutsu videos on my website dortheleth.no

 At the gathering we do jin shin jyutsu, meditate, exchange experiences and answer questions. I want to inspire you to use jsj in your everyday life. Play and explore. 

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Never heard of jin shin jyutsu? Jin shin jyutsu is an old simple powerful method of self-help and healing. Recreate harmony in both body and emotions. Hands-on energy work that works on both humans and other animals EVERYONE can learn

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price: NOK 150 per session.

 Enrollment: your payment on Vipps to 97515019 write your mail address in the commentfield. This    applies as enrollment

You will be sent a zoom link.

kr 150.00