jin shin jyutsu and animals the 2. dec, 11 am - 5 pm

Learn a simple, powerful method to help your animals in everyday life

natural energy work for humans and animals.

Saturday 2. december 11 am - 5 pm

On the Huseby farm at Live Enerhaugen, Bettumveien 128 3178 Våle.

 JSJ is an old simple powerful Japanese method to help both body, mind and emotions. Both on yourself, other people and animals.                                       The body shows the way through its symptoms. (pain, stiffness, digestive difficulties, nervousness, etc...) you can harmonize by balancing the deepest energy paths with very simple hands-on measures.                                                Jin shin jyutsu has roots back to the samurai, and is connected with ancient wisdom from yoga, acupuncture, qi gong, Buddhism, folk medicine. Systematized by Jiro Murai, so that we "ordinary people"  easily can use the method. Now practiced in many places in the world. 

Now YOU can learn both the theory and how to practice on a horse/dog

 Registration to d@dortheleth.no Price: NOK 900 pay on vipps 97515019 or account 15031237197 

Limited number of participants , you are guaranteed a place once you have paid. 

You will receive a compendium in Norwegian. Bring a packed lunch, stationery, warm clothes, we work both outside and inside. 

Read more about jin shin jyutsu at - dortheleth.no

kr 900.00